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Amarkantak :

Amarkantak is known primarily for its religious importance. The various places of tourist attraction are as follows: Narmada Mandir (group of temples) : Narmdeshwar temple which has a holy kund made at the source of river Narmada is the most important temple at Amarkantak. There are about twenty small temples in the premises of the Narmada Mandir each one of which is important in its own way. There is the Sati temple, which is, devoted to Parvati. The protected site of the ASI is close to the main Narmada temple .


Alirajpur : 

Alirajpur is famous for Jain temples.The Laxmaniji Teerth, houses the idol of Padma Prabhu Swami as its main deity. Another temple worth seeing is the Shri Laksamani Teerth located some 8 kilometers from the main headquarter town. This 2000-year old temple sports a large main hall, with 140 colorful and artistic stone archives hidden away in the inner halls. The temple’s main deity is Shri Padmaprabh Bhagvan, in a white stone idol in the padmasana posture.Alirajpur (also known as Ali Rajpur) is a city and a municipality in Alirajpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Balaghat :

District Balaghat looks like a flying bird and is situated in southern part of Jabalpur division.  It occupies the south eastern region of the Satpura and Upper Wainganga Valley.  The district spans  over a degree from  21.19'  to  22.24' North  and  79.31 to 81.3' East.   The total area  of  the  district is 9245 Sq. Km. District Balaghat is  bounded  by  Rajnandgaon  in  the East, Seoni in the West,  District Mandla in the North  and  District Bhandara  of  Maharashtra State  in  the south.  The Wainganga River separates the district from Seoni while the rivers Bawanthadi and Bagh define the inter-state boundary.

Balaghat District was constituted during the years 1967-73 by amalgamation of parts of the Bhandara, Mandla and Seoni districts. The headquarter of the district was originally called "Burha"  or  "Boora". Later, however, this name fell into disuse and was replaced  by "Balaghat",   which  was  originally the name of the district only. The Wainganga is the most important river of the district.